About CIS

CIS, the Center for International Studies, is an international education organization dedicated to serving the needs of students looking to pursue an education abroad, both for full degree and for short-term, non-degree experiences. The mission of CIS is to provide innovative education programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged world citizens.

For our students pursuing a degree overseas we:

Provide personalized, professional assistance in applying to international degree programs that meet students’ personal, professional and academic goals.

Before you contact CIS

Research, research, research!
We are not guidance counselors and cannot advise you as to which university degree program to apply to, but we can point you to other helpful resources.
Our role is to advise you on the application process once you have decided on a university and degree program.

Why use CIS?

Students who decide to go abroad for a degree often ask why they should utilize CIS’s services to apply to an overseas university. The select universities we work with pay us because CIS makes the application process easy and efficient for you, and for the universities. They’ve chosen us as their U.S. representative because they know that we’re experts in facilitating the application process for you. By using our services you will actually save money as we take care of most of the costs of international postage, faxing and phone calls. Next, you should realize that you will be directly enrolled in the foreign university. CIS does not offer a “program”, but merely is assisting you with enrolling in the university that you select.

There is no charge for our services, this is what we provide:

Providing tools to support you in your search for an overseas degree
Assisting you in completing your application including submitting via CIS
Providing information on health and travel insurance
Counseling you regarding pre-departure needs including visa requirements and financial aid